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1,100 customers’ details leaked to scammers

Updated: Feb 2

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"Former employee of the United Overseas Bank (UOB) here was charged on Friday (Aug 20) with illegally accessing the bank’s electronic customer database and disclosing the information of 1,166 customers to scammers."

A UOB employee in Singapore has been charged for allegedly leaking the details of over 1100 customers to scammers. The individual is facing charges for unauthorized access and disclosing personal data, which is a violation of the Personal Data Protection Act.

PDPA matters:

It is important for organizations to take proactive measures in ensuring the protection of personal data. One key aspect is to educate employees on the established policies and procedures for handling such information. The potential risk posed by employees themselves highlights the significance of staying informed and updating policies to stay ahead of malicious actors. The Personal Data Protection Commission's website offers valuable resources for organizations to stay compliant and secure.

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