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AirAsia: 5M records allegedly stolen

Updated: Feb 2

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"Hackers gained initial access through virtual private network (VPN) servers. Then exploited the unpatched vulnerabilities and previously compromised credentials. In another confirmed compromise, they used previously compromised credentials to access a legacy VPN server that did not have multifactor authentication (MFA) enabled."

A recent hack has resulted in the theft of customer records from AirAsia. The company has stated that the breach was limited to a small number of customer records and that it is working with relevant authorities and cyber security experts to investigate the incident. The company has advised its customers to monitor their personal information and take necessary precautions to protect against potential fraud or identity theft. The breach serves as a reminder of the importance of robust cyber security measures and the potential consequences of data breaches.

Cybercrime continues to pose a significant threat to organizations, and it is imperative that proper measures are implemented to protect sensitive user data. The constant evolution of cyber-attacks requires organizations to continuously evaluate and update their cyber security processes to remain competitive and secure against potential breaches. It is important to recognize that cybercriminals will actively seek out vulnerabilities in systems, making it necessary for organizations to prioritize cyber security and proactively address any potential security risks.

PDPA Matters:

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) aims to strike a balance between protecting the personal data of individuals and allowing organizations to collect, use, or disclose such data for legitimate and reasonable purposes. The PDPA recognizes the importance of safeguarding personal information from potential misuse and preserving the trust of individuals in organizations that manage their data. Furthermore, by establishing a regulatory framework for the flow of personal data among organizations, the PDPA strives to enhance Singapore's reputation as a trusted business hub.

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