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Paying off hackers is common

Updated: Feb 2

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"Corporate insurers routinely pay hackers a ransom for the return of stolen customer data, a top Australian government cybersecurity provider said on Tuesday (Oct 25), as the country's biggest health insurer revealed the growing scale of a recent breach."

A government-affiliated cybersecurity firm in Australia has proffered a recommendation to organizations regarding ransomware attacks. The advisory suggests that in the event of a ransomware attack, paying the ransom demand, instead of trying to mitigate the issue through other means, could be the most expeditious way of regaining access to the encrypted data. This approach is a subject of debate and controversy, as it may perpetuate the undesirable actions of cybercriminals. Nonetheless, the firm stresses that paying the ransom should only be considered as a final resort after all other alternatives have been fully evaluated and the potential ramifications to the organization have been thoroughly assessed.

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