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Police, Cyber Security Agency warn of ransomware in form of Windows OS update

Updated: Feb 2

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"The police and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) have jointly warned of a ransomware variant that masquerades as a Windows operating system update. The fake update locks up victims' data and then demands a ransom from those who inadvertently download it."

The authorities in Singapore, the Police and the Cyber Security Agency (CSA), have released a joint advisory regarding a sophisticated ransomware strain that disguises itself as a Windows operating system update. This malicious software infects the system, encodes the data and holds it ransom, thereby compromising the security of the affected parties. The advisory serves as a reminder to the public to exercise caution and vigilance in downloading and installing software updates.

Victims should lodge a police report immediately and can visit this website to check if there are readily available decryptors as a possible solution.

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