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Starbucks Singapore hit by data breach

Updated: Feb 2

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Starbucks said it discovered "some unauthorised access" to user details such as name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email address and residential address.

It has been reported that a data breach has occurred at Starbucks in Singapore, resulting in the unauthorized access of customers' personal information including names, emails, and mobile numbers. It is imperative for organizations to prioritize data security measures and implement robust protocols to protect sensitive information from potential breaches. The prompt reporting of such incidents is critical to ensuring a swift resolution and minimizing potential harm to affected individuals.

PDPA Matters:

In light of the increasing prevalence of phishing scams, it is imperative for organizations and their users to exercise caution and vigilance when exchanging personal information. Organizations should educate their users on the importance of being vigilant and to always critically evaluate requests for personal information.

Organizations must keep personal information safe by having good security measures. This means making sure the information can't be accessed, used, or shared by people who aren't supposed to, and making sure the information isn't lost or damaged.

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