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Google to pay record $391m privacy settlement

Updated: Feb 2

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"The technology giant tracked the location of users who opted out of location services on their devices, 40 US states said."

Google will pay $391.5 million to settle allegations about collecting users' data without consent. The settlement follows a joint investigation by 40 US states into the tech giant tracking the location of users who opted out of location services. Google has been instructed to be transparent about location tracking and to develop a web page about the data it collects. It is the largest privacy-related multi-state settlement in US history and comes after a similar settlement with Arizona last month. There remains one outstanding case against Google in the US courts over the same issue. The settlement requires Google to improve user controls and disclosures on location tracking starting in 2023.

PDPA matters:

Inform individuals of data collection purpose and inform of any changes. Be transparent and provide contact information for questions.

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